Our History

Gentle Friends was born when award-winning formulary Kimberly Parry (of Kimberly Parry Organics) turned her talents towards gentle, healthy pet care products. She wanted to make products for conscious, responsible people who care about their health, their pets, and the environment.
Kimberly’s extensive research into natural herbs, powerful botanicals, and essential oils has led her to create effective organic products that are soothing for many kinds of skin conditions, both human and animal. Drawing on her years of experience with natural organics, she designed Gentle Friends with the best ingredients for holistic pet care.

Our Philosophy

Using pure, organic ingredients and compounds, Gentle Friends products are powerfully effective, yet gentle on the environment and on pets’ skin. All products are formulated to meet the unique needs of our canine companions without using harmful chemicals. We believe in producing fantastic results while remaining committed to a positive global impact.
Our ingredients are sourced from small farms around the world, and we’re so committed to quality that we can trace each batch back to the individual farm and crop that produced the botanicals in your bottle. Each Gentle Friends product is lovingly blended by hand in small batches in St. George, Utah at our USDA Organic certified facility.